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Teaching Philosophy


  • My primary goals are to help students think critically and problem solve so they learn to teach themselves independently

  • I build those skills by focusing on the fundamentals of clarinet playing and musicianship while guiding students to apply what they have learned as they refine their repertoire


Lesson Content


  • A typical lesson will consist of long tones, scales, etudes and exercises, and repertoire; as needed we also work on music from school band, youth orchestra, contest solos, all-state audition material, music for church, etc. on an as needed basis

  • Students are responsible for providing their own music. Photocopied materials are not permitted in lessons as a permanent substitute for purchasing printed works. I’ll happily make suggestions about where to purchase necessary music


  • Parents are welcome to observe lessons at any time

Required Materials


  • Working instrument, reeds, ligature and mouthpiece, music as assigned


  • Please don’t purchase equipment before consulting with me; I may be able to help you find better quality or a cheaper price.




  • In order to get the most from private lessons, it’s important for students to spend time, outside of band and orchestra rehearsal, practicing individually. It often helps if parents take an active role in reminding students of their practice obligation and to help provide the needed materials in a timely manner


  • Many students (and parents) want to know how long they should practice per day.  A general rule of thumb is 5 minutes per day per grade in school. For example, a 5th grader would practice 25 minutes per day. However, this is a basic guideline and is often adjusted based on the specific needs and goals of the individual student


Studio Policies

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